Coaching with Slava

Many training and injury-prevention tips are provided during the running tours. However, if you would like a specific personalized training program, you can sign up for Coaching below.

Benefits of Coaching: 

- Learn How to Start Running without Injuries (running form, bio-mechanics, strength, and flexibility exercises)

- Safely Build Up to Your Optimal Level of Performance 

- Get a Personalized Training Plan to Accomplish Your Specific Goals (5K, Marathon, cross-country season)

- Share Your Concerns, Setbacks, and Get Support to Overcome Them

Coaching Program (In Person in San Diego or on Zoom)

I believe it is best to receive coaching over an extended period of time. Both runner and coach are able to track progress, optimize, and build on the results from the collaboration. For that reason, one month is a minimum requirement. 

1 Month (4 sessions): $240 for Four 30-Minute Sessions. 

2 Months (8 sessions): $420 for Eight 30-Minute Sessions. 

3 Months (12 sessions): $600 for Twelve 30-Minute Sessions. 


Venmo or Zelle @Slava-Kolpakov (#6249, slavasuryak @ gmail. com)

Once Payment is received, I will send you a Zoom link or a text to schedule your first coaching session. 


Winning a local 5k in 17:05 in Waltham, MA (2013)

Running crew at a 10K race in Puerto Rico, 2014